Digital Speed Cameras to have a trial run at these locations during 2010

QLD Speed Cameras Digital
QLD Speed Cameras Digital

Mobile Speed Cameras

Mobile speed cameras are operated by uniformed police officers at sites that have been approved according to strict selection criteria. Crash history is said to be the major factor used to determine these sites. Mobile speed cameras may also be placed at:

  • areas of high risk speeding behaviour that have been checked and referred to regional traffic advisory committees (or where we can make the most money)
  • roadworks — for the health and safety of workers. (where we can catch you out with really low stupid speed limits with no “SPEED CAMERA” signs)
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Fixed speed cameras have been introduced into south east Queensland at:

  • Bruce Highway at Burpengary
  • Main Street at Kangaroo Point (approach to Story Bridge)
  • Pacific Motorway at Tarragindi.

An additional six speed camera sites will be introduced in Queensland during 2009 at:

  • Gold Coast Highway at Labrador — from 28 September
  • Gold Coast Highway at Broadbeach — from 31 August
  • Warrego Highway at Redwood — from 31 August
  • Warrego Highway at Muirlea (Ipswich) — coming soon
  • Nicklin Way at Warana — coming soon
  • Sunshine Motorway at Mooloolaba (Mountain Creek) — coming soon, lucky you!

Thought you might be interested in reading the Queensland Speed Camera Assessment notes from the QLD Police Dept. Assessment – Executive Briefing Note


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