Did You Know Your Spelling Mistakes Can Affect Your Bank Balance?

A human brain is a peculiar machine which reads only what it wants to read and not what is actually printed or written. There are innumerable tests which everyone must have attempted at some point or another to show this fact; for example, remember the test wherein the first and the last letter of a word are intact while the rest of the letters are jumbled and yet a majority of people read the word right because that is how the brain is wired. While this in itself is good on an intellectual aspect the same cannot be said on the financial front. Apparently, your spelling mistakes can have serious repercussions on your bank balance.


Fraudsters hijack URLs of famous brands and then with a minor change in spelling create a fake website which looks exactly like the real one. If you are not alert then you won’t notice the difference between the real and the fake one and then all hell breaks loose. You will encounter pop-ups and alerts and prompts that will convince you that you have won a lucky draw because you are the 100th customer so you can claim a free gift by just paying the shipping fees. The word “free” is very potent; everybody likes free things. Once you key in your details and make the payment you are in for trouble as you will face recurring charges for things that you have nothing to do with.

What can you do?

To begin with, do not be fooled with the padlock icon on your address bar because even that can be fake. So, the only method is to be attentive when you key in details on your computer especially on websites where you need to part with your credit card or social security number. Pop-ups are dangerous so be wary of them; remember there are no free lunches anywhere. Don’t fall for the advertisements too because even they will be scams.

Hence, for beginners ensure you have a proper antivirus and malware in place and all the firewalls are up. Secondly, unless you recheck the site details do not part with any important information.

So, the next time you are searching for bitcoin code and type it wrong there is a possibility that you will end up on a scam site. Therefore, know more about the software before getting conned by scam sites and always remember to check the spelling of the website you are trying to access.

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