Financial Analytics is nothing but analyzing the financial statements to know the profitability of a business or project.  It is helpful in finding out how profitable a business would be in long term.  It helps in knowing the solvency status of the business.  The world of business is often affected by the turmoil in the external environment.  Today’s world is more of trade wars and financial risks.  There is a lot of political instability and indifference.  Hence the importance of financial analytics is more. Continue reading to know the basics about financial analytics.

Functions of the financial analyst:

  1. Find out the financial requirements of the company. This can be based on the present level of functioning of the company as well as the near future expansions.
  2. He should correctly assess the performance of investment instruments. There are various types of investment in the market like shares, bonds commodities, cryptocurrency etc.

He should be well versed with the latest trend like Ethereum code.  Based on his knowledge he should rightly predict the returns of the investment.

  1. Making investment decisions
  2. Predicting the future earning capacity of the company.
  3. Analyze the government regulations on business and taxes and predicts the impact of these on the company’s growth.

Importance of Financial Analytics:

Businesses find financial Analytics play a vital role in the growth and development in the following ways:

  1. Timely information is needed by business houses to take critical business decisions in a fast manner. Financial Analytics helps in providing timely information.
  2. In the world of high uncertainty, there is a vital requirement for forecasting and planning.
  3. Planning helps in protecting from unforeseen emergencies.
  4. Utilizing the assets in a better way is possible because of financial analytics.
  5. It helps in improving profitability.
  6. It helps in maintaining liquidity.
  7. It reduces wastage.
  8. It uses financial statements to find out the financial ratios. Using these financial ratios various vital elements like liquidity, earning capacity etc. are found.

Nowadays the finance department’s role in a business has changed manifold.  Analysis and prediction have become part of its functions.  Hence Financial Analytics is gaining importance.  The complexity of business processes has increased.  These complexities lead to various queries.  Financial Analytics helps in finding the answer to all the queries.  Many new concepts like data warehousing have emerged because of Financial Analytics. Moreover, the size of organizations has increased.  It has become necessary to integrate the various business functions to make the analytical perspective more effectively.

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