The GatesWay Software – A Scam?


We are in the privilege of getting to know a lot about interesting news about the latest software which is used for trading. This has given the benefit of trading across the globe sitting at the comfort of your homes with just a few buttons clicks on your android device. Life has become so simple with these software use, but at the same time life has become doubtful of the loss of hard-earned money into some cheap rates software as well.

This is sad to know about some people who are behind creating such software and creating a shame for the online business. A recent addition to this list of scams is the gateway software which is our discussion factor in this article. Let us read the full review to understand better about this.

The concept:

This software has been marketed as introduced by the Online stalwart Bill Gates which is completely fake. He is not even charge of anything related to this software at all. The promotional video in the launch of this software was stolen from one of his speeches elsewhere. It has been framed without any integrity to basic values of human life in any means.

This robot operates by having a direct connection to the accounts of the world richest lot. Their target is high at cheating the most influential and rich class of people. This they do by making false commitments like the auto-pilot mechanism draws funds for prospective investment purposes.

The final verdict:

So, when evaluating this software on a step by step basis, everything was found to be illegal and false completely. Taking the name of famous personalities like Bill Gates without his permission and making fake statements have been the biggest reason to judge this a scam software.

Therefore, the advice to online users is to be far away from this tool and any other of such quality of cheating hacks. This does not provide access to any useful information related to trading and investment but has the complete idea to steal from all those who get involved in this part.


It is a pity to write a negative review about certain software in this generation where technology has spiking growth and is the reason for survival to many companies. When such scams and fraudulent activities take place, it brings out fear in investors to suspect even the legit and perfect software.

But, the investment advisors feel that having a proper self-understanding of these concepts and being aware of the good and bad in this industry can help the people to be saved from such scams precisely.





Amazing Tips For Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and its mining are the most popular subjects of discussion these days. This is an extremely attractive though technical area beyond everyone’s understanding. Similarly, the stock market is a lucrative avenue but most people find it very complicated. Most new investors feel that the combination of virtual currency and its trading could be an impossible proposition, and yet a genius mind has managed to create this magic for common investors. Ethereum Code brings together all these aspects together so that everyone can trade like a professional in the stock market and make money easily.

It might seem similar to some binary trading options that have fooled people but this program is really different and effective. We decided to test it first-hand before advising or recommending it to anyone. We managed to test and find out everything about this system and recommend it as a genuine program and profitable one at that. Though before trading you can follow the link and understand the amazing mechanism of this program, Ethereum Code Ltd.

Some special features are as follows

  1. Automatic trading and manual mode available
  2. Absolutely free
  3. Trusted, licensed and genuine brokers
  4. Stress-free interface and clear instructions
  5. Latest technology
  6. Can be used from any browser and operating system
  7. The customer care team is very helpful
  8. Profit margin is very high


The system is superior in every way

Actually, the list can go on and we can use all the features of the system to our advantage. The fact is that it is a computerized platform that anyone can use very easily. You need to pay $250 as the initial amount of deposit, after registering on the website, and with a simple click of a button, you can join the program. You can start trading with the help of the broker assigned to you. The robot follows all the parameters set by you and it will bet only according to the instructions set by you.

It has been showing positive profits in a very short span of time. Human brokers also follow the same process but they cannot compete with a machine when it comes to using data. A robot can collect more data and detect the smallest changes in the prices of virtual currency in a fraction of the time spent by humans. Latest updates keep this program ahead of its competitors.

We were very happy with the results and the profits that we managed to earn in a short span of time. We conclude that it is an honest system and you can use if you want to trade and mine Ethereum. Of course, it is your money, you must read more about the mechanism of the system and comprehend it fully, before depositing your money.

Fly like a bird- be debt free

Is it a curse to be a low-income family? Can a low-income family ever hope to be debt free? With inflation skyrocketing even though it seems like a distant dream, it is possible to be debt free if you adopt a few good saving habits. Bid goodbye to the emotional stress and strain of being haunted by debt collectors.

Check out these effective financial habits to enjoy the true freedom of debt-free people.

Check out alternate income sources: Extra income is always welcome. Of the several methods of passive income making, trading with automated trading systems like Ethereum Code are immensely popular nowadays. A word of caution while using this new software is that you must ascertain that it is not a scam. For example, to know more about Ethereum Code you must continue reading about it; remember knowledge is power in the current times.

Always save for the rainy day: Life in its many vicissitudes can surprise you and throw you off track very suddenly. This is one of the reasons for individuals to go into debt because they are not prepared for the whammy that comes their way. A simple solution is to start saving right away; every penny counts. Make sure that you are saving regularly and before you realize you will have an emergency fund that is significant.

Don’t lose track of your goals: Nothing comes easy; you must have a steely resolve and clear vision of the future to be financially secure. It doesn’t take a lot to sieve the essential expenses from the unnecessary purchases. You can do that if you have a specific goal in sight. A tangible aim makes it easier to stick to frugal living.

Invest wisely: There are several options like mutual funds which are considered to be relatively safe and low risk because of their diversified nature. Stocks are the next best option but they require knowledge and expertise to bring you returns. One safe method of investing in physical gold either in the form of gold bricks or as jewelry. There are several other means to make your money work for you, choose any that suits your budget and needs and start investing today.

Being debt-ridden is not your fate that you have to bemoan; to fly like a bird is in your hands and yours alone. Don’t let past financial mistakes burden you. Start afresh and learn from your mistakes. With patience and discipline, it is possible to become debt-free and lead a peaceful and fruitful life.



Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions-Sources of Business Finance

The bank is considered as the center of finance and it plays a vital role in the economy of our country. A bank is a place where the people keep their money where it will be in safe and secured. Therefore by considering this importance, we will look at the commercial banks and the financial institutions.

  1. A) Commercial banks

Monetary assets are present in the banks and therefore it plays an important and dominant role in all the financial sectors. Assets are given by banks for different purposes and for different time periods and it helps in the growth of the economy of our country. For the loan rate for the premium will be applied. In the form of the overdrafts, loans, discounting of bills, cash credit the commercial banks issues the loans. To, produce products and for the industrial growth and to provide the job opportunities the commercial banks help the people by giving loans.

Forgetting loans from the bank the lenders should produce the security for the loan. The services provided by commercial banks are corporate advisory services, merchant banking, etc.

Advantages of the commercial banks

According to the requirement of the business, the amount can be borrowed from the banks and the bank act as a flexible source of the finance. If there is no need of fund s means it can be repaid in advance. The information about the lender’s personal information will be kept confidential. And continue reading about the advantages of the commercial banks in respective websites available.

  1. B) Financial institutions

Depending on the growth of the industries only, the development of the economy of the country takes place. Therefore by the developed financial system supports the country’s economic growth by providing funds to the business. For this purpose, the governments have formed the financial institutions over the world to issue finance to the business. As the aim of the financial institution is to promote the development of the industries it is called as the development banks. The function of the financial institution is the transfer of the financial sources from the person who save it and to those who need the finance.

The financial institution has been set up by the state and the central government. Both the own capital and the loan capital is given for the long term and the short term requirement of the money. Industrial finance corporation of India, state financial corporation, industrial development bank of India, etc are the special financial institutions.

Advantages of the financial institutions

One can get finance for the institutions even they are not getting from the source of finance in the market. They also give the consultancy to the business firms.





When you have decided to invest your money in trading of shares/stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, derivatives, etc., the first action that you need to initiate before trading is to learn the basic trading terminologies. Although we have trading software such as Ethereum Code Ltd, CryptoTrader, Trading View, MetaStock, and many more that is built with high-end applications and advanced software to assists the investors on the trading platform.

There are possibilities where the prediction of the trading software may go wrong. It is always better you examine the suggestions provided by the trading software before making any investment decision. To do the same, you must understand the fundamental trading terminology and its workings.

Below are the common trading terminology used in the financial market.

Day Trading: Refers to buying of shares/stock and other financial instruments and selling the same within the same day.

Swing Trading: This is contrary to day trading. The shares are bought, held overnight and sold when the prices are favorable. The shares are not held for a long time. This is a short-term investment.

Exchange: A Physical/online platform where the investments are being bought and sold.

Stock Market Hours: Refers to the working hours of Stock Exchanges which is generally 9.30 am to 4.00 pm excluding the weekends. However, one can still trade pre and post market hours, but the liquidity factor will be deficient as there is a limited number of buyers and sellers.

Bull Market: Type of market situation where the prices of securities go up. This can be used to reference the position of a trader, i.e. if they are bullish; it means the prices of securities are tending to rise.

Bear Market: In contrary to the bull market, a bear market situation refers to a weak market where the performances of securities are poor.

IPO: Refers to Initial Public Offers, where the company sells a fixed number of shares in an open market to raise funds for the first time.

Float: Refers to the number of outstanding securities available for trading. A Float is nothing but the supply of securities. Securities that are limited and are high in demand are sold faster than the other securities.

Beta: Refers to the numeric value to measure the fluctuation of securities based on the market movement.

Execution: Situation where an order for buy and/or sell has been completed.

Ask Price: Refers to the price the seller is willing to sell the securities, which eventually becomes the cost for the buyer

Bid Price: Refers to the price the buyer is willing to buy the securities in the market.

Index: This is a benchmark term which is used as a reference marker for traders and portfolio managers.

In addition to the above, terms such as broker, dividend, hedge, margin, are commonly used in the trading platform. The investors will eventually learn these terminologies once he/she begins to trade frequently in the market.

When it comes to business, the primary objective would be to attain success in the market and make a profit. To benefit from both, you need a good marketing strategy. Although your product may be unique, distinct, has multiple advantages, uses, etc, you can’t make a profit out of your product until you make it reachable to customers. This is possible only through an effective marketing strategy. Here are the essential aspects that you must keep in mind when you launch or sell a product.

1) Uniqueness: Try to be different from others. Markets do not exist without competitions. Your product might be innovative today, but once you create a demand for your product, there will be a competitor to compete you in the near future if not immediately. So, develop a unique selling pattern/product which defines or creates an identity.

2) Identify the Benefits: Try to make multiple benefits for your product. This is the key to retain your customers. Customer prefers to purchase your product only when it is advantageous. Highlight the benefits while selling the product so that it triggers the customer to buy the product. This is one of the primary marketing strategies to sell your product.

3) Area of operation: Identify your target area. Choose a location that is complementary to your product. For example: establishing a stationary shop near a school zone, toy showroom near a pediatric clinic, etc. Identify your target group. You can have more than one target group but ensure your product satisfies the need for both the target group as the priority changes from group to group.

4)  Advertisement: Look for the best advertising method to promote your business based on your target group. It is worth spending a few pence for promotional activities because by doing so, you welcome a lot of customers. This expenditure is temporary. Once, you get hold of your customers and retain them; you no longer need any advertisement. Cryptocurrency robot like Gekko, CryptoTrader, Ethereum Code Ltd, Haasbot, etc. developed its market merely through online promotion by creating a website, advertising in a blog, social media, online news platform, etc.

5) Cost: This is again a major factor in marketing. Consumers always pause for a moment to check the price before purchasing any product. The question of whether the product is worth the money/cost paid revolves in the consumer mind. This is where your marketing strategy must enter. Convince your customer about the price and explain to them in detail the reason for higher pricing and the benefits they gain from consuming your product.

Choosing the right marketing strategies decides the business growth. Every business/company must keep updating and improving their marketing strategies to attract consumers.

Basics Of The Player In the Financial Market

In the financial market, the funds flow from the surplus units who are called as investors to the deficit units who require funds.  However, in many cases, there is no direct link between these groups.  The market intermediaries like mutual funds, brokers, finance and leasing companies provide the link between these two groups. Similarly, in trading of digital currencies, the trading platform like there code acts as a link between the buyer and seller. Continue reading to learn all about trading.  There is a huge number of participants and player in the financial market. They are grouped as follows:

Players in the market

Corporate or firms- The firms are the net borrowers. They are always in need of funds for varied projects. These firms come up with different kinds of securities so the risk preference of the investors is met.  The money that is raised from issuance of securities is then invested in assets such as plant and machinery. Investors who hold the securities get dividends or interest from the money generated by the assets purchased.

Individuals- They are the net savers. The individuals buy the security that is issued by the corporate.  They provide funds so that the fund requirement of the corporate are met.

Government- Governments usually borrow funds in order to meet the budget deficit or to control the liquidity. When they require funds for a longer period of time, it is raised through the issuance of government funds and when they are in need of short-term funds (to maintain liquidity), it is raised from the money market.  The shares of public sector enterprises are subscribed by the government and they are responsible for making the initial investment.  But the shares (investments) are sold to the public through the disinvestment process.

Market intermediaries- In the financial system, there are many market intermediaries operating called as financial intermediaries. They are commonly known as investment bankers or investment managers. The major goal of these financial intermediaries is to ensure smooth working of the investment process and also to establish a bridge between the users of funds and investors.  These intermediaries help out the investors in selecting the investment and offer investment consultancy.

Regulators- The financial market is regulated by government agencies. The trading mechanism, overall fund flow, and participant’s relationship are controlled and supervised by the statutory agencies.  Apart from this, there are many government and legislative departments which regulate the financial market operations.


Basic Marketing Concepts

The strategy which a firm implements in order to satisfy the needs of the customer, to beat the competition, increase sales and maximize profit is known as a marketing concept.  Marketing is a management department which designs strategies that helps in building relationships that are profitable with target customers.  Marketing is very important in all aspects and without it, people will not be aware of the product or service.  For instance, there are various trading platforms which offer trading service. The software’s that are marketed well and offer good quality service will be preferred by the consumers.  Continue reading here to know more about trading platforms.

There are basically five marketing concepts that the organizations adopt and execute. Listed below are those concepts under which the companies create and carry out the marketing strategies.

Production concept- The customers will always favor those products which are easily available and are highly affordable. It is the oldest marketing concept which guides the sellers. However, if the organizations focus only on this concept, then they will lose sight of the ultimate goal.

Product concept- This concept is about offering the consumers with the products that are high in quality and performance. The product should contain innovative features to attract the customers. Product improvement and quality are a very critical part of marketing.

Selling concept- This concept follows the idea that if the organization does not take effort in promotion and large-scale selling, the customers will not be interested to buy the products.  Here the focus is given on creating sales instead of building a long lasting profitable relationship with the customers.  In other words, the organization is concentrated on selling what the business makes instead of producing what the customer needs.

Marketing concept– It is concerned with achieving the goal of the organization by knowing the wants and needs of the target customers and delivering the products at desired satisfaction.  They try to be better than the competitors.  Under this concept, the consumer value and focus are the passage to increase sales and achieve profits.

Social marketing concept- Under this concept, the marketing strategy is focused on delivering value to the consumers in a way which improves or maintains the society’s and customer’s well-being.  It is called sustainable marketing. The social marketing concepts give most importance to human welfare than the profit.  In today’s world, slowly the organizations are trying to adapt to social marketing concept.




Customer Behavior Study For A Successful Business

Before the launch of a product, understanding the behavior of the consumer is very critical for any organization. The organization will end up facing losses if it fails to analyze how the consumers will respond or receive a particular product.   Similarly, in trading, the investor behavior to play an important role in making a profit or incurring a loss. If you wish to keep aside human emotion from trading, you can choose to use the service of ethereum code which can conduct all the transactions in auto-pilot mode. Continue reading here to understand all about it.

Each customer has a different attitude aa and mind towards consumption and purchasing.  Understanding the concepts and theories of the behavior of consumer will helps in marketing the service or product successfully. In addition to this studying, the customer behavior will help in varied aspects.  The attitude of the customers towards the product purchase varies as there is always a change in trend, fashion, change in technology and living standards.  Understanding all these factors is important because the product marketing is depended on them.  Customer behavior is a successful tool that helps the marketers in meeting the sales objectives.

Importance  of customer behavior

The main goal of marketing is to satisfy the wants and demands of consumers. Customer behavior helps in achieving this purpose.  As the customers are considered as the most important person to make a business successful, it is crucial to consider all the likes and dislikes of the customers so that they could be offered the best product and services.  Study of the customer behavior helps the salesperson, marketers and business manager in the following way:

  • To create the best product which satisfies the consumer’s demands and needs fully
  • To take a decision on the price of the product which the customers would be willing to purchase the service or product
  • To take a decision on where the product or service will be made available so that it is easily accessible for consumers
  • To decide on the best way to promote the products so that it would be effective to get the attention of the customer so that they would be interested to buy the product
  • To know and understand when, why, what, how and other factors which will influence the buying decision of customers

The products should be marketed carefully so that it helps in achieving the organization goal and make a business successful.

If The Market Is Bearish Then Look For A Trend Change

Learn more about how to spot buying opportunities in a down trending market. A bearish market gets investors and traders worried and they get busier in offloading the shares in their portfolio. But a bearish market also gives trading opportunities.

A bearish market signals that the market is not performing well and that traders are selling off their stocks. Here you need to wait to see if the stock prices are coming close to a long-term demand zone. This is where you get to buy the trade.

A long-term demand zone can be spotted in the yearly or monthly chart. It could happen that the year or the monthly chart is still in an uptrend and this big fall in the stock prices was indeed a correction. You thus wait and watch to let the stock price enter the demand zone on a higher time frame chart.

How do you trade when the price reaches the demand zone?

After a fall in the prices in the market, you would not be confident to buy the stock right away. Thus wait for the stock prices to enter the demand zone of a monthly or yearly chart. Switch to a weekly chart and look at what the stock is doing. If the demand level was a strong one then-then the stock will start to show you a trend change from here. You can see this when the stock makes a higher high and higher low. When this happens you know that this is a signal for you to buy the stock.

Why should you buy at this level?

In a technical analysis term, this is a demand level. This is where you get the stocks at the cheapest price. So it makes senses that you buy the stocks at the wholesale price. After you enter the trade and if the trade moves in your favor then stick to the trade and ride with the trend.

Bearish markets thus give you one big advantage which is to buy the stock at a very low price. Thus when the market is bearish it is not just the time to panic and clear off the portfolio. It is also the time to add stocks to our portfolio. However, take care that you wait for the signal to turn to bullish before you buy the stock. Do not hurry because if the level is not a strong one then this could make you end up in a loss.