The GatesWay Software – A Scam?


We are in the privilege of getting to know a lot about interesting news about the latest software which is used for trading. This has given the benefit of trading across the globe sitting at the comfort of your homes with just a few buttons clicks on your android device. Life has become so simple with these software use, but at the same time life has become doubtful of the loss of hard-earned money into some cheap rates software as well.

This is sad to know about some people who are behind creating such software and creating a shame for the online business. A recent addition to this list of scams is the gateway software which is our discussion factor in this article. Let us read the full review to understand better about this.

The concept:

This software has been marketed as introduced by the Online stalwart Bill Gates which is completely fake. He is not even charge of anything related to this software at all. The promotional video in the launch of this software was stolen from one of his speeches elsewhere. It has been framed without any integrity to basic values of human life in any means.

This robot operates by having a direct connection to the accounts of the world richest lot. Their target is high at cheating the most influential and rich class of people. This they do by making false commitments like the auto-pilot mechanism draws funds for prospective investment purposes.

The final verdict:

So, when evaluating this software on a step by step basis, everything was found to be illegal and false completely. Taking the name of famous personalities like Bill Gates without his permission and making fake statements have been the biggest reason to judge this a scam software.

Therefore, the advice to online users is to be far away from this tool and any other of such quality of cheating hacks. This does not provide access to any useful information related to trading and investment but has the complete idea to steal from all those who get involved in this part.


It is a pity to write a negative review about certain software in this generation where technology has spiking growth and is the reason for survival to many companies. When such scams and fraudulent activities take place, it brings out fear in investors to suspect even the legit and perfect software.

But, the investment advisors feel that having a proper self-understanding of these concepts and being aware of the good and bad in this industry can help the people to be saved from such scams precisely.





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